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Customized Day Trips - Flexible Schedules

We can customize our tours according to your interests and requirements.

- Pick up and drop off at Santiago International Airport

- Pick up or drop off from another city close to Santiago

- Special Itineraries and Schedules

- Customized Routes

- Specific Vineyards

- And More!

Send us your idea and we will let you know if it is possible in terms of time and distance. We will design you the best itinerary and give you the best recommendations. Then, we will send you the itinerary with the detailed information.

* Minimum 2 people

* Send us all the details in the Observation field when you are completing the booking


Top 10 Tour Agency in Santiago by TripAdvisor

"Fran and Seba totally accomodated our requests and made a tailored trip, taking care of every detail, keeping track of time, explaining every single thing bit of the trip and the surrounding. Just perfect. We can totally say that we made two new friends in Chile!"

Flaminia De Agostini, Italy - December 2018


Valparaiso day trips

"Francesca and Sebastián have made my stay in Santiago absolutely memorable. The tours to Valparaíso, Isla Negra, the wineries and personal Shopping were very well planned and executed. Theirs is not like any tourist tour, the personal touch of the young couple and seeing Chile through their eyes was the added bonus."

Krishna Sarma, India - April 2018


Valparaiso day trips

"First class!!! I can’t say enough good things about this couple and the hard work they do!

We were a group of 15 co-workers, thus booked a private tour. We spent two full days together, first doing the Andes winter route and the second day doing Valparaíso. 
Communication/co-ordination of the trip was 11/10! 
They were on time in picking us up, stuck to a schedule, however still gave us plenty of freedom. They were always happy to help take pictures and explained everything so wonderful. 
They are a happy, bubbly couple, who care about their jobs and love their county! 
Thank you so, so much for making beautiful memories for everyone."

Jeri Nichols, Canada - August 2019


Valparaiso day trips

"The guide (Fran) was amazing, unbelievably knowledgeable, personable, local but with excellent English having lived in the US.  She was fun, charming and gave us a really strong sense of local culture and just knew how to organize a very full, rich day, how much to talk how much to let us just enjoy the view. Fran was very charming. She had loads of surprises including a nice wine toast and a spread of snacks for us before we headed back to town."

Deirdre Girard, USA - February 2019


Valparaiso day trips
Day trip from Santiago Chile
Day trip from Santiago Chile
Day trip from Santiago Chile



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Tours Santiago Chile
Tours Santiago Chile
Tours Santiago Chile
Tours Santiago Chile

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Tours Santiago Chile

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